Does coffee and tea really keeps up your energy levels active throughout the day?
Health Benefits of black coffee

Coffee and tea are the two most highly consumed beverages that people have across the world to keep their energy levels active throughout the day.

However, according to dietitian Manpreet Kalra, these caffeinated beverages actually lead to a disruption in functions in hormonal system and increase cortisol in the body which is the main cause of acidity.

Due to increase in acidity in the body, adrenal activity comes down and also leads to decrease in production of progesterone and causes dominance of estrogen.

The rise of estrogen levels in the body leads to some major problems like weight gain, prolonged menstrual cycle, mood swings and fertility issues

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According to Kalra, the best drink that we can have to boost our energy is amla and beetroot juice.

“Beetroot is rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. these nitrates are further metabolized into nitric acid which helps in increasing the blood circulation and thus, reduces fatigue,” said Kalra.

“ Amla on the other hand is rich in Phytochemicals that aid body detoxification and in fighting free radicals , improves liver function and provides energy,” she added.

To make amla and beetroot juice, follow the steps as given below-

Ingredients Required: –

1. Beetroot:1

2. Amla: 1

3. Ginger: ½ Inch

4. Mint Leaves: Handful

5. Chia Seeds (Soaked overnight): 1 tsp

6. Rock salt: As per taste

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Directions: –

1. Wash all the veggies in freshwater.

2. Chop all the vegetables into smaller pieces.

3. Put all the above ingredients in a mixer with some water and blend it nicely to a smooth consistency.

4. Sieve the juice and add 1 Tablespoon of fiber and discard the rest.

5. Add a few drops of lemon juice, Rock salt and soaked chia seeds on the top. Enjoy with a smile

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