Ayurveda expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya has termed the herb Arjun as a cardio-tonic as it works wonders in keeping the heart healthy

Moreover, this herb can reduce cholesterol, maintain blood pressure, relieve excessive thirst and fatigue, maintain sugar levels and lowers acidity

Dr. Savaliya has listed two ways in which you can make Arjun tea at home-

1. Arjun Tea Without Milk

Take 1 tablespoon (5 gms) of arjun bark powder/decoction in 2 cups of water (200 ml), boil and reduce to half a cup, filter and consumed while its hot

2. Arjun Tea With Milk

Take 200 ml of water & milk, add 5 gms of arjun bark powder/decoction in it and boil until it reduces to half. Strain & drink it at bed time or in morning/evening 1 hour before meals