10 best reasons of drinking warm water
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There isn’t any comforting drink than a glass of warm water in the winter season and it is the safest and reliable form of liquid that human beings can consume without any guilt especially in the cold months of November to February.

Meanwhile, most winter drinks require lots of ingredients in its preparation along with the consumption of time and energy from a person.

If a person has health issues like diabetes or hypertension, he / she also needs to stay away from certain kinds of drinks.

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However, warm water, which just requires a few minutes of boiling cold water, can be drank by every person irrespective of his / her health problems.

Besides providing a warm sensation to the body and comforting the throat, warm water has many additional health benefits for the body.

It is always best to keep your body hydrated in this winter season by drinking lots of warm water.

According to dietician Manpreet Kalra, some of the amazing reasons of drinking warm water are-

i) Warm water can help a person to lose weight faster by increasing metabolism which quickens the process of breaking down of fats in the body

ii) The functioning of the kidneys also improve a lot when we drink warm water as the  high filtration rate can flush more toxins out of the body.

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iii) Digestion is also boosted with the help of warm water as it helps in subsiding extra acid production and stimulation of the digestive tract.

iv) It relieves nasal congestion by healing irritated and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passage.

v) Constipation is also reduced when you drink warm water as bowel movements gets smoother and gut motility also improves.

vi) Blood pressure comes down on consuming warm water regularly because blood flow becomes smoother throughout the body.

vii) Skin health and hair health also sees vast improvement when we drink warm water regularly. It repairs cells, boosts collagen production, increase elastane and also stimulates and strengthens nerve endings on hair roots.

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viii) Acidity also comes down on drinking warm water as the acids get diluted in the stomach.

ix) A glass of warm water can provide immense relief to a sore throat. It soothes the esophagus by thinning the mucous secretion.

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