Whenever the discussions regarding environment and climate change surface, none could ignore the name and works of Kerry Adler. Adler has never been short in his approach as far as the environment is concerned.

He has entered into several partnerships with countries, their governments, private firms and other international organisations to strengthen his vision of a sustainable world order.

In a major step to reinforce SkyPower Global’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), at the Canadian Pavilion EXPO, the UAE federal export credit company, Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), signed an agreement and thus entered into a strategic sustainability partnership with Adler’s SkyPower, one of the largest and most well established, successful developers, and owner of utility-scale solar PV energy projects in the world.

This partnership is in line with his endeavour of making low-cost power available to all. Under this strategic development partnership, with the aid of trade credit insurance, export finance guarantees and investment protection solutions, Mr Adler’s renowned firm will in turn focus on projects of utmost national importance such as renewable energy, sustainably powered data centres, water treatment and other related projects.

One of the key aspects that have majorly been responsible for environmental degradation is the increasing amount of carbon footprint. Kerry Adler’s aim in order to contribute towards a healthier environment is to reduce the carbon footprint of power generation by 70% and he plans to achieve this by the year 2050.

Now critics might pinpoint this fact, saying that, a such huge reduction in carbon footprints that too in such a meagre time period is not feasible at all, but Adler over the years has quite successfully given befitting replies to such critics not through his mere words but through his magnificent work.

The partnerships of Adler’s SkyPower are a very crucial step as far as the environment is concerned. The impact that Mr Adler has made is evident from the statement of Nicholas Remillard, President and CEO of the International Economic Forum of America (IEFA), who said, “The IEFA is very proud to cooperate with Sky Power and its CEO, Kerry Adler. Kerry is a true leader, a visionary and is deeply passionate about renewable energy, in particular, solar energy and its capacity to bring clean energy to many people around the globe. In that perspective, we truly hope that we will have the privilege of cooperating for many years with Sky Power.”

Mr Adler’s sustainable vision and comprehensive strategy address those intricate areas that require immediate attention that too not at the national or local but at the global level for generating a better tomorrow, a future that can be promising for the generations to come, such areas include, eradicating poverty at the grassroots level, improvement in basic healthcare facilities for good health and well-being, standing up for gender equality and most importantly implementing access to affordable and clean energy.

According to Mr Adler, energy is the basic requirement for sustenance, and it is not possible to make a sudden transition from non-renewable sources to renewable sources, the most crucial factor in achieving the quintessential energy transition to renewables, is the ability to access financing and financial instruments that provide the capacity to accelerate the speed in which deployment of renewables like solar can be made.

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