elephant calf
The carcass of the elephant calf recovered at Numaligarh and (inset) parts of the elephant calf found scattered. Image credit - Northeast Now

Sensation prevails after recovery of a carcass of an elephant calf having deep wounds at B.G.K. Tea Estate in Golaghat district’s Numaligarh area on Thursday.

The locals suspect that the elephant calf died a week back, on Wednesday night last.

Locals also spotted various parts of the carcass scattered here and there in the area.

Locals suspect that the elephant calf might have died after coming contact with the blade fencing used by the tea garden authority.

It may be mentioned that due to various activities of the Numaligarh Refinery Ltd., expansion of the tea gardens, setting up of tea factory and unabated mining of stones have created a difficult situation for the wild elephants living in the forests along the Golaghat-Karbi Anglong border areas.

“As the elephant corridor in the area has been affected due to the expansion activities of the tea gardens and Numaligarh Refinery, the wild elephants have lost their normal way for movement. This has emerged as the main cause for the man-elephant conflict in the Numaligarh area,” said sources.

Due to the expansion of the tea gardens, many elephant calves died earlier by falling in the drain.

On the other hand, due to lack of sufficient food and encroachment of their habitat, the herds of wild elephants come down to the area.

The locals and wildlife activists have criticized the forest department for taking no proper measures to solve the problem.

Uttam Saikia

Uttam Saikia is Northeast Now Correspondent in Kaziranga. He can be reached at: uttambkt@gmail.com

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