Like any other insurance, car insurance becomes the need of hours to mitigate a financial burden that can be on you during a road accident. The constant increase in the number of car accident giving a serious threat, thus making car insurance an unavoidable need. Well, the fact is you can’t even deny it as car insurance is mandatory in India. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, buying car insurance online is just a matter of a few minutes.

But as a first-timer, the claim process might appear as a nightmare to you. There will be hundred of questions floating on your mind, making you more anxious. You might be thinking about what are the questions to be asked by the insurer, how much amount will they approve, what will be the documents blah blah, right?

Hold on! You need not to worry. Here’re some questions that your insurer may ask while processing your car insurance claim.

Question#1: Where was your car parked?

Let’s say you own TATA AIG car insurance. If you lie around this question by saying that you park your car inside the apartment parking, but actually, you park it outside on the street. When your vehicle got stolen from the street and you inform the insurer form claiming your car insurance when they will know about your lie. It’s better, to tell the truth rather being caught later and face a claim rejection.

Question#2: Do you use your car for commercial use?

For fulfilling your commercial purpose, you should have bought a commercial car. This can be used for delivering items, articles. But instead of doing so if you use your private vehicle for commercial use then forget about the insurance. The insurer will not cover you anymore if you have hidden it initially.

Question#3: Do you want to claim for the theft of your car?

Don’t dare to script a fake story of car theft to avail the car insurance. If the insurer finds out that the car was never stolen, it may blacklist you or take other strict actions for encouraging fraudulent activity.

Question#4: Are you driving the car?

This is because the person driving the vehicle at the time of accident should have attained the legal age and must possess a valid driving license. If you or the person other than you driving the car is not carrying a valid license, the insurer will not pay for the loss and reject the claim straightaway. It may take legal action as well for not carrying the DL.

Question#5: What’s the assessment of your car?

Usually, the insurance company doesn’t cover the cost of accessories that are external. If you lie about this to cover it, this may lead to delay in the claim or claim rejection. Hence, at the time of claiming accidental claim, it’s a compulsory question that you shouldn’t lie about.

The Additional Information

The leading insurers like HDFC ERGO, Bajaj Allianz in order to make the claim process safe, may ask for other related things and also expect you to know about the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, RTO documentation, prevailing guidelines of IRDA, the applicable depreciation on the car parts, what is the survey report and how does it work well with the claim procedure, knowledge of motor endorsement etc. these things further help you ensure a fast claim process with your esteemed insurer. Above all, you should have good negotiation skill.

Final Word!

Apart from the legal liabilities, car insurance also protects the insured from the damage caused to their own car due to bad weather, or any kind of malicious activities such as theft, vandalism, strike or riot. In exchange for a regular premium, you can avail the policy benefits in case of a crisis with the subcomponents such as liability insurance, personal injury protection, and collision insurance.

It is recommended to determine how much insurance cover you want, even consider your health insurance coverage. Why we’re saying is health insurance covers accidental expenses. So, its case there is no much damage to your vehicle but you need medical attention then you can restrain from claiming your car insurance by utilising the health cover. You should also consider the premium determine factors such as gender, age, driving habits, the location of registration, credit history etc.

Remember! Insurance providers are authorised to deny a claim based on certain grounds like fraud claim, insufficient documentation, not disclosure of important information etc. a claim rejection can lead to a serious situation and a huge financial drain when you need it the most. Another repercussion of claim rejection will be a higher premium as a penalty if you get caught lying to the insurer. so, honesty is the best policy and your insurer appreciates this. Claim rejection can be difficult to deal with, so be vigilant and stay covered.