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This refers to an article by eminent author Talmizur Rahman in 17th November issue of Northeast Now, with the caption “Assam polls: Ragtag Congress-AIDUF, many spoilsport actors and galloping BJP”.

The author deserves kudos for his superb writing skills, however, he has chosen to paint the Congress party black, based on his own assumptions and understanding.

The author is definitely entitled in a free country like India to analyse the strength and weaknesses of the political players in Assam.

But, calling senior Congress party leaders Ahmed Patel, Digvijay Singh and Overseas chairman Sam Pitroda political discards is absolutely unbecoming of a senior journalist.

Coming from seasoned journalist like Mr Rahman, these words are not at all gracious. Ahmed Patel and Digvijay Singh are senior political leaders of substance.

They have served well over the years. Their experience merits the honour. Sam Pitroda is an International figure. His contribution in telecom for India is praiseworthy.

India as a nation owes a lot to him.

Sir, winning or losing election is more of a cycle. Today, we have a party in power in Delhi, which had just 2 seats in LS. This was when two of the top leaders Atal-Advani helmed the party.

Sir, it will sound rather reasonable if the reasons of poor performance by Congress party in the gone by-polls was discussed in the article. To me, as a student of politics and a vivid reader, it seems the only reason for loss in the elections is – consistent stand of the party to be committed to inclusive development.

Whereas the opposite party BJP talks loudly, Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Viswas but does just the opposite. The glaring example is: 17 million Muslims live in Bihar but BJP did not give even one seat to them. (So, where is Sabka Viswas?)

Sir, we agree with the author that analysts had already categorically declared Owaisi as the vote cutter but who listened to him. He served their purpose well, taking away good five seats and damaging the MGB in more than 10 seats.

Yes, true, as the author observes, if BJP can spot more of Owasis in Assam, then who can stop them riding the winning wave. However, those who are really committed to real Sabka Sath & Sabka Vikas (inclusive development) should extend their support to the Congress party & the allies in Assam.

The advantage Congress now has in Assam is newly appointed AICC general secretary, known for honesty, dedication to the cause & amiable and accessible by nature.

Warm regards,

Er Manohar Lal Yadav,

An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad

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