There seems to be a lot of buzz regarding the return of the classic Yamaha RX100 ever since some reports state that the iconic 100cc machine is set to make a comeback.

But, this in terms of practicality might not look as easy as claimed in the media reports.

While Eishin Chihana, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India was quoted saying that RX100 may be brought back in a completely new form, there does not seem to be much sense behind the report.

Many analyses on the report also claimed that this would not be possible with today’s norms in India regarding emissions as well as others.

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The 100 in RX100 meant the 100cc engine it had and it was a revolution among bikers in the 80s, 90s and even now. That 11.5bhp engine was capable of doing 0-60km in just 7.05 seconds. This was a hit among youngsters and also the two-stroke engine sound.

The reports about its reincarnation state that it was confirmed to come back with a ‘powerful engine’ but that seems less likely with a modern-day 100cc engine. Yamaha had exited the 100cc market and the lowest capacity engine it sells in India is 125cc. The 125cc engines are mostly on scooters by the company while the motorcycles it has to offer are all above the 150 mark.

So, RX100 with a 100cc engine would not give the same “feel” as it would have to be a four-stroke engine. The lightweight RX100 was popular due to the combination of its look, agility and power which for that period was quite impressive. The same can only be expected only on an electric motor if it ever comes back. Even then, there will be some gaps.

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But, since Yamaha is packed with a series of launches till 2025, a model based on RX100 can be expected after that however, reports suggest it to be electric which would not mean riding the real RX100 that has been a dream of bikes for decades.

On the other hand, Yamaha’s plans for relaunching RD350 with a 350cc or even the 321cc R3 engine can be a hit among the bikers.

An official statement is still awaited but till then all we can do is wait.

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