Street style culture is something that always remains a trend for college students. After the boring school clothing, most of the students get the freedom to express themselves in their clothing in the college and the students of Delhi University are no different. Ask a Delhi University student whose style statement fascinates them the most and without a blink, they would say that the students of North East have a dashing style statement. So, one might ask what makes North East students so famous in fashion?

It’s More Than A Style Statement

For the North-Eastern students, street style or their normal wear is much more than a simple fashion statement. In fact, their clothes are a way for them to showcase their individuality, which holds true for many of their counterparts. What makes this style statement a true masterpiece is that their root culture is also visible in their clothing and in addition to that, they carry themselves confidently and their Attitude Status is visible in it for the good. Most of the clothing is edgy yet funky, also, they believe in carrying their accessories in unconventional ways.

Does Tasteful Dressing Come Naturally To North-Easterners?

No one could ever say that North-Easterner students have a questionable sense of style. One might also assume that their good dressing sense comes naturally to them just like their exceptionally good skin. However, one might ask, is that assumption true or not? Does a perfect dressing sense come naturally to one or is it a skill that is honed to showcase the tasteful dressing? 

Firstly, it needs to be addressed that the North-East has faced isolation in terms of geography, politics and even culture until the invasion of Britain. As a result, the common grounds of clothes, language, food and even language are few with the other states. Also, the North-Eastern states have diverse different communities and tribes. Even though they might share the same Love Status with one another, they are distinct. The historic evolution of the North-Eastern students make them stand apart and the same is clearly visible in their style, textiles and ethnic attires. 

Liberal Attitude Of North-East 

Students of the North-East practice different religious practices, even though the religion is the same in comparison with other counterparts, they are more liberal and are inclined towards everyday dressing and western fashion ideas. This does not mean that they disrespect the mainstream traditional attire. It simply means that they are more progressive and open to different clothes and their liberal attitude makes them accept cultures that are not their own. In addition to that, the North-East shares boundaries with other countries and hence, a huge import is done in the garment markets which make their clothes stand out. 

They Are Not Afraid To Experiment

For years, the colourful hair of the North-East students has drawn some eyeballs, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. However, the fact that remains is that they do not shy away from experimentation. North-East people have always been fashion-forward with their street style revolution much before the style statement of Miley Cyrus became important. 

Most of the dresses that stand out include a mix and match pattern of shorts, crop-tops, skirts and pants. With social media platforms, the fashion trend is accessible to almost everyone. Further, one can see glimpses of fashion icons like Kim Jennie and Rihanna in their dresses. Even though the type of dresses that the North-Eastern people cannot be generalized as a rich diversity even exists within them, it can be safely said that they are good. The same fact is visible in the fashion industry of India with many renowned names of North-East states like Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Tashi Pedy, Kangkan Rabha, Madhulika Sharma and Merrylin Boro. Fashion image making is taken to a notch higher with creative directors like Dolly Devi, Edward Lalrempuia and Mia. One cannot even ignore the fashion influences of the North-East who are inspiring many others to top up their dressing game. Few of the fashion influencers like Angelina Pongener, Aien Jamir, Shivani Boruah and Ikisvon with millions of followers are exhibiting their strong fashion state and are inspiring many others. The fashion statement of the North-East is a generalization that the North-Easterns would love for sure. 


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