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Let your imagination run wild with these interior wall colour ideas!

There’s no right or wrong about house painting colour combinations but how they are combined creates an array of styles and vibes. These ten combinations should help you get an idea of where to start when choosing colours.  

1. Two-Coloured Hallways

A simple way to add personality to hallways is to give them a makeover with Berger paints for interior walls. Paint lower halves with a dark colour like indigo and leave the upper halves white. For those of you who enjoy adventure, transform the hallway into an exhilarating space by using two contrasting colours. For example, paint the lower half of the walls black and the upper half a refreshing mint green. These painting styles work especially well in small hallways to make the space look larger. 

2. Purple and Pink Living Room

The living room is your home’s heart which offers an environment for people to socialise and relax. Shades of purple and pink hues are your go-to colours for the epitome of luxury and peace. Create a focal point in your living room by painting a wall with deep plum and the rest of the walls mauve pink. Another way to use this combination would be to paint opposite walls with the same shade of pink and purple. For example, pale shades of pink and purple fill your living room with a blend of uniqueness, cosiness, and style.

3. Brown and Green Bedroom 

Green and brown, according to Vastu Shastra, are an ideal combination for bedrooms since they represent nature. Dark green has the power to make you feel fresh and energised in the mornings. It can bring out the essence of your bedroom when paired with a neutral brown. On a lighter scale, pastel shades of mint green and dark chocolate brown balance each other to lend a mellow mood and sophistication to your bedroom.  

4. Yellow and Blue Kids’ Room

When it comes to rooms for kids, bright interior house colours bring much-needed energy into their rooms. Brighter shades of yellow especially, boost intelligence and amplify inspiration.  A mix of soothing blue and appealing yellow tones produce a tranquil environment in which your little ones can enjoy deep sleep. 

5. Green and White Bathrooms 

Fill your bathrooms with shades of green to refresh and white to bring you peace. When combined with white, a strong dark green, for example, creates a sleek bathroom. Paint one wall of your white bathroom lime green to create a subtly energising atmosphere. When you enter a bathroom designed with this combination, you’ll experience heightened tranquillity with joy.  

6. Beige and Brown Workspaces 

A workspace is all about achieving a balance of productivity, focus and calm. Beige and brown interior wall colours come together to bring you that balance. A light shade of beige has a relaxing effect which when combined with rich brown colours bring in visual warmth.  You could also lend your workplace an earthy vibe by incorporating its décor with multiple shades of browns, starting with a light beige.

7. Grey and Yellow Guestrooms 

Make a statement with this interior house paint idea; your guests will be impressed with the colour combination of soft greys and vivid yellows. Paint one wall in the bedroom with an inventive shade of mustard and the remaining with a subtle grey. Give your guests the feel of staying at a five-star hotel by adding texture to the grey or yellow accent wall. 

Silk Illusions Vintage Finish is an eco-friendly texture emulsion that is specially designed for easy application. Give your guest room’s accent wall a luxurious texture through the sprinkles effect offered by silk illusions

8. Navy Blue and White kitchens

White combined with Navy blue is a great choice for modern kitchens. Let white kitchen walls encase navy-blue cabinets for a light, fresh and airy. Navy blue walls look well with all of the kitchen’s favourite colours, including warm woods, sophisticated greys, and clean white.

9. Painted Ceilings 

Blue ceiling paint colour adds a bright and airy vibe to every area, from the bedroom to the bathroom or even the kitchen. Sticking with the same hue as your walls is a simple way to choose your ceiling colour. A neutral hue on the walls and ceiling, for example, will allow your décor to take centre stage. To bounce light throughout your space and offer something intriguing to pull the attention higher, paint your ceiling a colour that contrasts your walls.

10. Grey Exteriors with a Pop

Don’t just focus on the interiors, show some love to your exteriors as well! From a sparkling silver to a classy charcoal, painting exterior walls with a grey of your choice brings an undeniable sophistication to your home. For a modern look, incorporate white onto dark grey by painting the trims. Throw on canary yellow paint on your front door and you’ll have yourself a three-colour contrast for an irresistible curb appeal. 

Give exterior walls an unmatched sheen with WeatherCoat LongLife 10, a luxury exterior emulsion. It has a unique polymer composition that retains your home’s look for a long time by removing dust. 


A Virtual Painter can help you bring these combinations to life with a few simple clicks. You can choose the target room and select colours from Berger Interior Paint catalogue to see if a combination is right for you. 

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