Durga Puja has finally arrived and the five days of this much loved festival is going to be full of worshipping, pandal hopping, feasting and merriment

Be it Shasthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami or Dashami, the five fun-filled days of Durga Puja always seem to pass too soon every year

From giving anjali in the morning and relishing the delicious Bhog to pandal hopping across every Durga Puja pandal in town and gossiping our hearts out, Durga Puja is indeed a festive holiday season

Besides the regular bhog of khichuri, labda and payesh, there are some lip smacking delicacies that we wouldn’t miss for the world while pandal hopping for five days

Some of the noteworthy street food items that are a rage during Durga Puja include-


The much loved noodles that is mainly served with assortments of veggies or some tiny chunks of chicken are relished wholeheartedly with oodles of sauce after pandal hopping


Whatever be the filling that is found inside a wrapped chapatti or roll , the pangs of hunger that are felt while roaming around pandals are deeply satiated with this popular dish


People who are head over heels with rice certainly wouldn’t say no to sit and tuck deeply into a plate filled with aromatic, nutritious and richly cooked biryani of chicken or mutton

Luchi Ghugni

The deeply fried bread i.e. luchi along with its inseparable accompaniment ghugni or the curry of chickpeas are a culinary match made in a foodie’s heaven and would please anyone any day


Chappatis that have a delicious filling under its thick folds and is further made perfect with drops of melted butter or tangy sauce over its surface can beckon every person to eat