The auspicious occasion of Sharadiya Navaratri which is a nine day long festival dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga started from September 26, 2022

These nine day festivities which is celebrated with fasting and worshipping the nine avatars of Maa Durga will continue till October 5, 2022

It starts with Kalash sthapna or Ghatasthapna ritual and ends on the day of Dusshera or Vijaya Dashami

People consider it auspicious to dress themselves in the definite colours that are dedicated to each of the nine days of Navaratri

In 2022, the nine day festivities of Navaratri will be celebrated with these nine colours-

Day 1 –White

Celebrate the first day of Navaratri with the colour of purity white as it is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri who is the daughter of the King of Mountains Himalaya.

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Day 2 – Red

The second day of Navaratri upholds the serious penance of Goddess Brahmacharini and you can don the gorgeous passionate colour red in its full glory on this day

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Day 3 – Royal blue

Bring in the brave Goddess Chandraghanta – who carries a half moon shaped like a bell- to your homes or offices with the royal blue colour which represents trust and confidence

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Day 4 – Yellow

What can be  better than the most cheerful colour yellow to welcome Goddess Kushmanda who is credited with creating the world with her divine smile?

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Day 5 – Green

Soak in the fifth day of Navaratri with the shade of life and fertility green as Maa Durga takes the avatar of Goddess Skandamata or the mother of the War God Kartikeya

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Day 6 – Grey

Celebrate the day of Goddess Katyayani , the slayer of the demon Mahisasura with the colour of balance grey just as she brought stability in the world by destroying evil forces

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Day 7 – Orange

You can wear outfits of orange colour to soak in the happy and energetic spirit of the  seventh day of Navaratri festivities and worship Goddess Kalratri, the destroyer of negativity

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Day 8 – Peacock green

Worship Goddess Mahagauri, who has the power to fulfill all desires of devotees on the eighth day of Navaratri by donning the peacock green colour , the hue of desires.

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Day 9 – Pink

Pink which represents harmony is an apt colour which you can wear for worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri, the fulfiller of divine aspirations or siddhis

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