Jewellery is an accessory that has been loved by women across all ages from ancient times

From head to toe, women always like to adorn themselves with stylish jewellery pieces to enhance their beauty

With minimalism becoming a dominant aspect of fashion in 21st century, jewellery too has undergone changes to cater to the taste of the modern woman

The modern lady likes to style elegantly with aesthetically pleasing jewellery of little sizes or prefer to make a bold statement only with one funky big piece

Here are the trendy types of jewellery that woman has donned mostly for the first six months of 2022-

Multi-layered necklace

A modern makeover of the royal long multi-strand pearl necklace, the multi-layered necklace is paired mostly with casual outfits

Beaded bracelet

A favourite among both men and women, beaded bracelets are sported for a boho look as well as to attract good luck

Ear cuffs

A unique and trendy accessory, ear cuffs are more fashionable than earrings and can beautify the ears even if has got no piercings.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a type of old jewellery that has been made more appealing for women with new beautiful designs

Round nose ring

Once shunned as an unnecessary jewellery piece, nose rings have now become popular and the round ones are worn for a bold ethnic look