There is a very popular Sanskrit saying in traditional healthcare ‘Sarvendriyam nayanam pradhanam’ which means that eyes are the most important among all the sense organs of the body

With laptops and mobiles becoming an essential part of our work and the pleasurable devices for leisure period, our eyes are nowadays often under constant strain

To keep our eyes healthy, it is necessary for us to follow certain rules and take a break from the hectic schedules

Ayurveda expert Dr. Rekha Radhamony has listed five mistakes that you should completely avoid for healthy eyes-

Do not use warm water to wash eyes

According to Ayurveda, eyes are the seat of Pitta (heat) and have to be washed with room temperature water or cold water

Ensure that you blink your eyes often

Blinking is a natural physiological process to lubricate the eyes but we often forget to blink when we are completely glued to screens so always make a conscious effort to blink to keep the sense of sight healthy

Stop overusing artificial eye drops

Long term use of eye drops can make your eyes more dry so the best long term eye drop that you can use safely as per Ayurveda are the ones that are oil-based

Do not use eye masks for sleeping

Radhamony claims that the eyes should be left free without any sort of coverings like warm eye masks and allowed to breathe free in the night

Stay away for using hot packs for eye infections or stye

Radhamony recommends using a cold pack for treating eye infections or stye and staying away from using hot packs

Do not rub your eyes

Rubbing the eyes for many reasons is not good as eyes has a very thin layer of conjunctiva which protects them so it is better reach out for cold water and wash your eyes instead of rubbing them