Ayurveda expert Dr. Rekha Radhamony feels that it is high time that we should remove the tabboo around a simple body function that is flatulence

A natural process of the body just like sweating or breathing, Dr. Radhamony says that farting is a good thing according to Ayurveda.

She says that holding back farts is unhealthy for the body and should be allowed to pass without any hindrance whenever it happens

As feeling hungry and thirsty is a normal aspect for every human being, the urge to urinate, defecate or fart is a natural process known as Adharaneeya vega

According to Ayurveda, Adharaneeya vega is a natural detoxification process that shouldn’t be controlled as it is the body’s own way of keeping itself healthy

During the process of digestion, gaseous exchanges occurs and the gases naturally moves downwards which gets rid out of the body through the process of farting

According to Dr. Radhamony, holding back farts can cause vata imbalances in the digestive system

Vata imbalances can cause abdominal distension, bloating, constipation, loss of taste and aversion to food

So, you should definitely allow the farts to go out of your body unashamedly for living a healthy life