The ailments that come as we age with the passage of time can be controlled if we follow a healthy lifestyle

It isn’t necessary to splurge heavily on expensive beauty products or treatments to look youthful

Some of the safest and useful ways by which we can control ageing from taking a toll on us can be done with products from the kitchen

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee feels that ageing is inevitable but we can slow down this natural process from affecting us with the nutritious powers of fruits and vegetables

If you are the one who do not like to snack on fruits and vegetables regularly, you can drink this power packed anti-ageing juice suggested by Mukerjee

To make this juice at home, you need one small amla, one cup of pomegranate, one cup of black grapes

Secondly, you also need chaat masala and black salt as per your tastes for seasoning this rich fruit juice

After washing the fruits, blend all of it along with the seasonings in a food processor and you have the power packed juice ready for consuming

Mukerjee suggests that it is better to drink the juice within twenty minutes after preparation for more benefits

Amla, loaded with Vitamin C, is one of the most of the wonderful rejuvenating agents

Black grapes helps in fighting cancer, induces relaxation of the blood vessel walls and reduces blood pressure levels

Pomegranate, loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, potassium, folic acid and iron, protects people from premature ageing, heart problems and arthritis