Diwali is the time of the year where each house is not only lighted up brilliantly but families come together to spend good times with each other

However, the Festival of Lights always seems to remain incomplete if we do not sink our teeth in some delicious sweetmeats

The most depressing part of eating food on festivals is to cut down on some desirable food items just because of having some illnesses

If you are a diabetic but still want to enjoy sweets in Diwali, fret not as we have come up with some ultimate delectable treats for you-

Sugar Free Laddoo

With dry fruits of your choice and some dates paste, you can easily make some delicious sugar free laddoos that can be an instant hit among the guests

Paneer Barfi

The good old paneer paste can be transformed into a sweet too with the help of ghee and jaggery by cooking and later serve as a unique delicacy in the Diwali menu

Kesar Phirni

Don’t forget to make the wonder delicacy phirni without which no festival is complete but you can make it unique by including saffron and sugar pellets in it

Protein Laddoo

With the help of protein rich peanuts, oats and dates paste, you can pack a punch of power in the form of a laddoo this Diwali

Gud Mysore Pak

The easily available kitchen ingredients like gramflour, ghee and jaggery can harmlessly conjure up a magical sweet like Gud Mysore Pak to delight guests

Coconut Barfi

Coconut and milk are the safest ingredients that you can use to make a well-loved barfi to enjoy the festival of lights