Holi or the Festival of Colours is celebrated at a time when the dreary days of winter end and the surroundings reverberate with the sights and sounds of the arrival of summer season.

People celebrate Holi by showering colours on one another in spirits of joyfulness with the hope of strengthening the beautiful bond of love and welcome a phase of colourful new beginning

However, it is of utmost importance to us to see that our smartphones don’t get damaged due to the seeping of colours or water in it during Holi

Here are some ways to make your smartphone Holi-proof –

1. Keep your phones inside a waterproof pouch to keep it safe while playing Holi. Waterproof pouches can be found online or at your local mobile stores

2. If you can’t stop yourself from taking out your phone during Holi to take selfies, ensure that you first have it cover with an extra transparent case at the back and a screen protector at the front so that it can be discarded later if stained badly

3. Seal the ports of your smartphones with duct tape or dust plugs to protect it from getting damaged from colours and water