Durga is known as the Mother Goddess or the Goddess of the Universe who protects and nurtures the entire creation

If you have recently welcomed a baby boy in your lives, there can’t be anything better than naming him from these names of the Goddess associated with protection, strength, motherhood and beauty-


A splendid and a wonderful name for your baby boy, you can forever praise your precious gift of life with this divine name of Maa Durga


A beautiful name for your newborn son can be Ananta as it means someone whose power is infinite and Maa Durga is often referred to as Ananta Rupini (One whose form is endless)


If you are looking for a highly unique name for your son, Gauransh would be the perfect choice as it means a part (Ansh) of Goddess Durga (Gaura)


The Sharadiya Navratri (in autumn season) is a time when Durga Puja is celebrated and it falls in the month of Ashvin according to Hindu calendar so a good name for your son is Ashvin


A rare and uniquely good name for your baby boy is Trinetra which means three-eyed and celebrates the power of the third eye which is literally the place of divinity


To show gratitude to the Mother Goddess for blessing you with a lovely son, Umaprasad would be a perfect name for your darling baby boy


If you are looking for a  good name for your son that celebrates the  beautiful qualities like benevolence, faithfulness, name him Aarya as it is a beautiful name of Ma Durga too


To celebrate the eternal gift of your life which is your baby boy, you can give him the name of Nitya that is a divine name of Maa Durga


If you want your son to be known as an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, Durgadas is a wonderful name for him