Ayurveda doctor Dr. Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya says that bloating can be caused due to some of our bad lifestyle choices

According to the doctor, bloating can be caused if we eat food fast without chewing well or take meals when we aren’t even hungry

Meanwhile, consuming food after 9 PM or eating raw food, leftover/ stale food and at times of stress are some other causes of bloating

Dr. Savaliya has given these Ayurvedic remedies for prevention of bloating-

Chew roasted fennel seeds after having your meals

Drink mint water throughout the day, cardamom water one hour post meals and CCF (cumin, coriander, fennel) tea thrice a day before / after meals

Mix half a teaspoon of carom seeds, rock salt and a pinch of hing with warm water and take it 45 minutes later after your meals

Avoid drinking excessive water during or post meals and don’t take dinner late with a heavy platter

Ensure to eat warm, freshly cooked food if possible and have your meals always mindfully