Bollywood celebrities always sports looks akin to that of goddesses of beauty when they are spotted in front of camera amidst all glitz and glamour

However, most of them also look pretty when they post their own pictures on Instagram sans any makeup

Here are some of the Bollywood celebs who looks like ethereal divas without makeup

Ananya Panday

With her youthful and beautiful styles, Ananya Panday has grabbed a lot of attention but she manages to look flawless even with clear skin that has no signs of makeup

Katrina Kaif

A makeup brand under her name and her surreal looks on camera which has left many fans mesmerized, Katrina Kaif appears as a beauty goddess in photos too with clear and natural skin

Janhvi Kapoor

Being the actress whose perfect sartorial choices have always won amazing approval, Janhvi Kapoor can also look effortlessly pretty too with absolutely no makeup and wild open hair

Sara Ali Khan

By carrying every look with ease in front of camera, Sara Ali Khan has often opted for looks with almost no makeup and her natural beauty is simply breathtaking

Alia Bhatt

A queen of no-makeup look, Alia Bhatt has always remained an inspiration for many because of her subtle senses of styles.