Bollywood actress Shehnaz Treasury who had made her acting debut with Ishq Vishk has recently revealed on Instagram that she suffers from prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia is a cognitive disorder which causes people to have great difficulty in recognizing faces

Known as face blindness, this disorder also affects a person’s ability to recognize objects and have problems in remembering even places and landmarks

People with this type of disorder may avoid social interaction and often face depression

There are 2 types of prosopagnosia: developmental and acquired

Developmental prosopagnosia  is a condition which affects a person without brain damage

Accquired prosopagnosia occurs after brain damage often following a stroke or head injury

While accquired prosopagnosia cases are rare, a few of these disorders are reported from birth as it is believed to be hereditary

While revealing about suffering from propopagnosia, Shehnaz said that it is a ‘real brain issue’ and urged them to be kind