Facial is an expensive and long form of skin treatment that is mostly done at beauty parlours

The main reason of doing these facials is to improve skin health as well treat specific skin conditions

If you are the one who loves to spend a leisure time by indulging in the pleasure of skincare rituals, here are the most bizarre form of facials you can try if you have a desire to do so

Snail Facial   It is the one where snails will be allowed to crawl over your face and leave behind some mucin which contains properties that help in getting a youthful complexion

 Leech Therapy  Therapy where leeches are allowed to suck blood out of your face in order to get a healthy skin

Bee Sting Venom Facial  It is which causes your skin to react as it has been stung but is a superb anti-ageing treatment

 Bird Poop Facial  where the excreta of a nightingale along with other ingredients is rubbed over a face to help get a bright look

Fire Facial  It is a dangerous form of skin treatment where alcohol is rubbed over a face and then set on fire but is put off when the heat becomes too unbearable