Twins are considered to be a form of great blessing for parents as it is believed that they have been blessed with double the joy in their lives

Here are some unique names of twin baby boys and baby girls-

Baby Boy Names

1. Adarsh & Akarsh

A good name for your twin baby boys is Adarsh and Akarsh as the former means an ideal and the latter means attractive

2. Keshav & Madhav

If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, you can name your twin baby boys as Keshav and Madhav which are actually beautiful names of Him

3. Hrithik & Kartik

These names are very wonderful as Hrithik means someone who is very dear or close to the heart and Kartik means a source of divine light

Baby Girl Names

1. Aradhana & Aarti

Both these names denote worship of the Almighty and would be great names for your twin baby girls who are indeed gifts from God to you

2. Mukti & Yukti

These are unique name for your twin baby girls as Mukti means freedom and Yukti means strategy and a brilliant execution of the later actually leads to wonderful achievement of the former

3. Sobha & Sobhana

These names which means beautiful are excellent names for your twin baby girls