Air pollution has become one of the most worrisome form of menace of the 21st century that is detrimental for our overall health.

The rise in air pollution is only due to the greed for more luxurious form of needs in the modern era which ultimately causes peril in the natural environment

Besides respiratory infections, skin allergies and heart disease, air pollution severely affects the eyes which is the most delicate and important organ in the human body

To protect your eyes from air pollution, you can follow these steps-

Wear sunglasses when you go outside

If you want to avoid the harmful air pollutants from irritating the eyes, you should always wear a pair of sunglasses whenever you are going outside your homes

Do not rub your eyes

Never rub your eyes with bare hands when you get a sense of irritation on exposure to air pollution as the problem will only aggravate further

Befriend eye drops and cold compressors

Lubricate the eyes with eye drops prescribed by your doctor 2-3 times a day which will help in relaxing the eye muscles. Meanwhile, cool compressors can also soothe your eyes

Stay hydrated and eat healthy

Drink lots of water to keep your eyes hydrated. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, spinach, almonds, berries, fish, carrots which are extremely good for the eyes.

Go for regular eye check-ups

Visit for eye specialist annually to keep your eyes healthy. Do not overlook a simple eye problem as a minor issue.