Babies are a priceless form of gifts from God for parents and they become absolutely over the moon with happiness when they get the tag of a mother and father

If you are looking for a beautiful name for your little darlings, give him or her a one that is inspired by wind, the coolest element of Nature

Wind is one of the vital elements of Nature that helps us in survival and we cannot even think of disassociating itself from it

One of the most noteworthy points is that among the five elements of Nature, Air is the one that is accessible to everyone and everywhere without any efforts

Here are some wonderful names of baby boys and baby girls inspired by Wind –

Baby Boy Names-


A beautiful name that you can give your newborn son is Anil which is a name of the God of Wind Lord Vayu


Besides being another name of Lord Vayu, Pawan also means a beautiful breeze so it would be wonderful to call your baby boy by this name


A powerful sounding name that requires one to give force while saying, you can make your baby boy a special one with the name of Dhwanil which means sound of the wind


If you are looking for a sweet name for your baby boy with a special meaning, Samir would be the best name to give him as it means breeze in Sanskrit


A regal name for your son would be Marut which is another name of God of Wind

Baby Girl Names-


To honour your baby girl who have made your life happier, name her Nirva which means blowing like a wind and refreshing everything


A beautiful name for your newborn daughter is Anila which is a name of the God of Wind


The monsoon winds are known as Maushmi which is a wonderful name for your baby girl if she is born during the monsoon season


A beautiful name that means breeze in Sanskrit is Samira which can be a good name for your baby  girl


A sweet Assamese word for the fragrant breeze that blows at the beginning of spring, Moloya is an excellent name to give your baby girl