Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has impressed the audiences by playing the sexy and brave female lead in the blockbuster film of 2023 Pathaan

The wife of Ranveer Singh has served us some classic hairstyles over the years that are perfect for parties-

Messy Low Bun

The messiness in Deepika’s messy low bun hairstyle is making her look imperfectly perfect and is an elegant hairstyle to be donned with any outfit

Jewelled Hair Band

Deepika’s jewelled hair band which she styled with a high bun was the trendy wedding look of 2022 and is even going to continue in 2023

Face Framing Tendrils

The face framing tendrils can make any girl sassy as well as elegant and this little noticed hairstyle can make a lot of difference

Centre Parted Straight Hairstyle

Deepika who stuns us with her prettiness in this centre parted long hairstyle proves it that this way of styling your tresses will forever remain a classic

Gajra Look

Deepika who manages to look ethereal with a gajra in her exquisite bun makes us believe that an old age party hairstyle can forever remain a timeless tradition

Soft Curls

Some soft curls at the bottom done with a side partition are a fuss-free way to look highly glamorous and Deepika seems to prove it

Fishtail Braid

Braids, particularly the fishtail one, always add an elegant look to any outfit and Deepika can’t seem to agree more

Low Ponytail

A centre parted sleek low ponytail can glam you up in elegance and Deepika did just that with the perfect style

Neat Bun

Deepika is looking beautiful and bold with a neatly combed pulled back bun and it makes you look disciplined too when you sport this hairstyle

Curly Ponytail

A curly ponytail just like Deepika is a perfect hairstyle to step into a wedding venue in a sassy style