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The Taliban said the universities in Afghanistan will be segregated by gender and a new dress code will be introduced.

According to reports, the higher education minister of Afghanistan, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, has indicated that the women of the country would be allowed to study however not alongside the men.

Haqqani announced a review of the subjects which would be taught to the students.

Under the Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, women and girls were not allowed to study in schools and universities.

However, the Taliban said they will not deprive women of education or doing jobs.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021.

After taking control of the country, the Taliban asked all the women, except those in the public health sector, to stay away from work, until the security situation improves in the terror-hit country.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani’s announcement on Sunday regarding the higher education policy of the country came a day after the Taliban raised their flag over the presidential palace indicating the beginning of their administration.

The new education policy marks a significant change from the accepted practice before the Taliban takeover.

Before the Taliban takeover, the female students of Afghanistan did not have to abide by a dress code and universities remained co-educational with both men and women studying side by side.

Haqqani said: “We have no problems in ending the mixed-education system,” adding, “The people are Muslims and they will accept it.”

He also said, “It all depends on the university’s capacity,” adding, “We can also use male teachers to teach from behind a curtain, or use technology.”

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As per the new education policy, the girls and boys will also be segregated at the primary and secondary schools which was already common throughout Afghanistan.

The women will be required to wear hijabs.

However, the Afghanistan education minister did not specify if additional face coverings would be made compulsory by the government.

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