Top Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in one of the sharpest attacks in recent times on the BJP Government in the Centre, has hold Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the second wave of COVID-19 in India. 

Rahul Gandhi said that PM Narendra Modi “did not understand COVID at all” and labelled him as an “event manager”.  

“The first wave no one understood…but the second wave is the PM’s responsibility. His stunts (nautanki)… His failure to fulfil his responsibilities is the reason for the second wave,” Rahul Gandhi said. 

“Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is an event manager. He cannot deal with more than one event at a time. Anything happens, he will organise an event and deal only with that. We cannot do with an event manager in such times. We need effective and speedy administration,” Rahul Gandhi added. 

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi warned that India will witness a third, fourth and fifth wave of the disease if the government did not change its vaccine strategy. 

“Get your vaccination strategy right, don’t give chance to coronavirus to mutate. If we don’t get it right, there will be third, fourth and many waves in the country,” Rahul Gandhi said. 

“Lockdown helps in fighting coronavirus. But lockdown, social distancing, wearing masks are temporary strategies to fight COVID-19. Getting people fully vaccinated is the only way to eradicate coronavirus from the country,” Rahul Gandhi said.  

“The government does not understand the nature of what they’re fighting. Understand the dangers of mutation of this virus. You’re creating a liability for the whole planet. Why? Because you are allowing 97% of the population to be attacked by the virus as only 3% are vaccinated,” Rahul Gandhi said. 

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“The PM is trying to repair his image but his image is gone… It is time the Prime Minister stands up and leads the nation. These are the times where he has to show his leadership, his courage, his strength. The Prime Minister must stand up and deliver… don’t be afraid. Time has come to show what a good leader you are. So please deliver,” Rahul Gandhi added. 

Meanwhile, the Central Government has hit back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying that use of the word nautanki (stunts/theatrics), was an insult to the nation and the people. 

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said: “The Prime Minister is fighting COVID with the people of the country. And he uses words like nautanki, which is an insult to the nation and the people. The people have long put an end to their nautanki.” 

Javadekar added: “Vaccinations in India will be complete in 2021 before December. If Rahul-ji is worried about vaccination then he should focus on Congress-ruled states where there are problems in the drive.” 

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