Making a name in any field is not easy and possible for all as it needs guts, hard work, and passion for continuing even after facing hundreds of failures. Half of the Indians are happy with jobs, not attempting new things due to fear, financial issues, and much more. Same was one young talent from Gujarat who never thought about what he will do in life.

Today we are writing about an area that deserves more fame, like top digital marketers. We are talking about content writing and content writers. These people are the brand builders of the 21st century in this digital era. Many don’t know its market is more significant than anyone can imagine. Content writers’ demand has grown in significant numbers worldwide as everyone needs one person in digital marketing who can give the best content that can help them trend in the top 10 in Google and other search engines.

Content writing is a vast field. Every content writer selects their area with their writing choice. We came across one of the best content writers of India, Jigar Saraswat, who is doing an excellent job in this vast field of content writing. His Journey from Freelance content writer to managing one of the best content writing companies/agency Rajasi Media can inspire many to join this field.

Jigar Joshi, widely popular as Jigar Saraswat is Born on April 4, 1986, in Mumbai Kutchi Saraswat Brahmin Family (Kothara Abdasa Kutch) and currently living in Zalawad’s Surendranagar comes in Gujarat.

Journey of Freelance content writer to Professional Content Writer:

Started content writing in 2017 as a freelance content writer and now has come a long way with Rajasi Media. Due to his hard work, passion, and knowledge about this field, his company today rated as one of the most reliable content writing teams provides services like article writing, news website content writing, book writing services, PR guide/ consultancy for top brands in India, the US, Dubai, and many more.

The reason we are highlighting him today is due to his unique fieldwork. Before two years, no one ever searched about content writers or anything on content writing in India. You can say that he is a trendsetter of content writing in India. He proved that content writers too can be famous in the world of social media and can enter the top list of entrepreneurs.

Proving excellence in the field in just four years and now carrying this forward by expanding Rajasi Media. Many young freelance content writers are in touch with him, learning the basics of content writing, article writing, and news site writing. Till now, he has guided more than 100 writers in the field of content writing. Getting into an area of one’s choice today can never be a walk in the park, but Jigar Saraswat did that and how. He not only jumped into a field that attracted him but also made sure to take over the same in ways more than one.

He did everything and put every possible effort to gain more momentum in the industry and what increased his value in digital marketing was when he began dipping his hands into doing PR and digital marketing, which today are growing realms of the digital world and something more and more people, professionals, brands, and businesses are getting into to elevate their presence online.

In 2017, when these concepts were still relatively new, Jigar Saraswat had decided to do content writing starting on a small basis, but little did he know that opportunities would be coming in, and he would keep exploring them to become the most popular article writer in India he is today.

Jigar Saraswat confesses that he was never a good student, but with time, he learned what was more important in life, which turned his attention towards the industry he is in and began honing his skills in content writing, PR, and digital marketing. Until now, Jigar Saraswat’s presence in the field has only risen, becoming one of the youngest and the most trusted content writers, PR experts, and digital marketers.

Owning news websites in which he gives opportunities to young authors to grow as content writers. If you are new in this field and want to learn new things you can also read his books which is available in amazon.

His next move is to highlight Kothara located in Abdasa Kutch. Jigar feels this place of Gujarat needs more attention as it has some stunning places like Pingleshwar beach, which can be one of the best place for beach lovers in India and also a new place in Gujarat for tourists. It has many old temples(Derashars) of Jains, Ashapura Maa temple, Masjids, and much more of every caste which lives in India.

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