Computer science is not a new term. It is with us since the early 1980s. Slowly we are making a transition from a conventional way of handling machines to a new digital era. However, the core of computer science, i.e., programming, data structure and algorithm, computation theory, etc. will remain and will be introduced at an earlier stage of education. Then, what is going to change? Design and effective ways of how to manage the design of services will change and evolve so that the needs of society and industry are met. If someone wants to leverage the love for technology to make a difference in a good way, then computer science is an incredible career choice. In the coming decade, the following are few among many technologies are going to change the world:

Nano-sensors and internet of nano things: Internet of things is one of the most interesting technologies nowadays and it is going to dominate the future too. Everything starting from street lights, the human body, agricultural land, every object on this earth will be connected to sensors and internet of things.

Augmented reality: It is the integration of digital data, live videos, and user’s surroundings in realtime. It helps to store image, video, etc. in devices like computer, phone, camera, etc., and add new information to it so that it displays a virtual result in realtime.

Blockchain technology: It is one of the most recent revolutionary technology that will enable digital transactions to be distributed and not copied. It has the potential to change the manner in which transactions are made till now. If it fully comes into the market, the transaction system of banks, government, and the market will change.

Artificial intelligence: In the coming decades as big data is getting much bigger, artificial intelligence is going to play a very vital role to gel well with big data. Artificial intelligence will match or even exceed human intelligence on tasks such as forecasting and prediction, complex decision making, speech recognition, pattern recognition, natural language processing, etc. Machine learning and deep learning have already brought a revolution and it is going to dominate the future too. In most of the fields like space, medicine, industry, etc. data science is in great demand. Lots of jobs opportunity will open up in this area.

Cyber security: Government, military, financial institutions, etc are responsible for storing and processing confidential digital data. Digital spying and cyber attacks constitute the greatest threat to national security surpassing terrorism. So the field of cyber security is very important. Various careers can be pursued in cyber security like information security analyst, intelligence analyst, security manager, etc to name a few.

The Computer Science department of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and Technology (GIMT) is preparing the young minds so that they can add value to the society as well as industry. Department is provisionally accredited by NBA for the year 2016- 2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 and then further accredited from 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022. Till date, the department produced a good number of competent and excellent professionals and many are being produced.

The courses offered are: B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering.

The students from all the courses are actively involved in various projects, research activities, workshops, seminars, etc. so that they are well aware of and prepared with the latest technologies. Around ten funded research projects are going on in some of which students are also involved to make them aware of the research scenario. Smart India Hackathon was about coding together to solve the real world problems. It was a 36-hour nonstop digital programming competition where students from different engineering and management colleges were given problems, which were collected from 30 different government departments/ministries. The department makes sure that the students participate in Hackathon that is held annually. Lots of research publications are also made the students annually. Overall the department makes sure that it produces quality engineers. The alumni of the Computer Science department is also very strong. One can find the alumni working in top organizations, government sectors as well as in education sectors. GIMT has produced and promises to produce quality engineers in the future also who will provide value to society as well as industry.

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