Guwahati: Art has been an integral part of humans and each human being has their own unique perspective to view art.

Art most of the time is seen in a varied way and the same goes for a recently surface 150-year-old painting.

The painting is being called the ‘time traveller’ and is being circulated across the internet.

The painting portrays a woman walking through the countryside with an object in her hands and a lad waiting on the other side with a flower in his hand.

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The interesting part of the painting is neither the woman nor the lad but the object she holds in her hand.

The object in the painting is now being claimed to be a phone or to be precise as per claims on the internet- an iPhone.

Experts and art critics have rubbished the internet claim.

Experts on the topic said the object is a prayer book which she was reading while walking through the countryside.

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The painting originally by George Waldmülle is named ‘The Expected One’ and is now housed in a Munich museum, the Neue Pinakothek.

Many experts simply claim that the perspective of the phone came in with the change in society. Many said that had it been the 1800s, people would have seen the object as a book or something more relevant to that era but since people are living in the 21st century the perspective has changed.

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