Delhi man kills wife for not serving food, sleeps next to corpse
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AGARTALA: People of Indira Colony under the Khowai district of Tripura remained witnesses of a gruesome incident that they had hardly heard of.

A 40-years old housewife decapitated the head of her husband and later hung the dismembered head packed in a plastic bag to a ceiling in front of the entrance of their prayer hall or room late on Friday night.

It was the elder son of the couple who first raised the hue and cry after he saw his father’s beheaded body lying on the floors of their living room.

A team of police led by Additional Superintendent of Police Amitabha Paul rushed to the crime scene in the early hours of Saturday and arrested the accused wife from their residence.

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The weapon that was, purportedly, used in the incident was also recovered from the spot. Speaking on the issue, Additional SP Amitabha Paul said, “The investigation is underway. We hope the truth will be revealed soon.”

He said that prima facie evidence suggests that the deceased was killed by his wife. But, the real mystery behind the incident can be only ascertained after a thorough investigation.

According to the eyewitness account, Sabitri Tanti (40) and her husband Rabindra Tanti (50) had their dinner before 11:00 pm and went to sleep with their two children.

“In the midnight, I saw my mother walking in the room. When I inquired, she left the room for toiled and returned tying something in the hem of her Saree and she slept again”, he said.

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But when he woke up again for what he said due to the rising temperature in the room, he saw that his mother was sitting wielding a chopper in hand and his father’s body was lying in a pool of blood.

As soon as he pulled the blanket off, he was left shattered to see his father beheaded, he told reporters on Saturday morning.

When he raised the alarms locals gathered at their house and rescued both the children.

He also said that his mother was a vegetarian but on Friday night she ate chicken which took the family members by surprise.

Locals, on the other hand, said that her behaviour was abnormal for the last couple of days and a number of times her neighbours saw her uttering gibberish sitting in isolated places.

A few months back, she sought advice from a local sorcerer to get rid of the problems she was facing.