Even after no fish trade going on with Bangladesh or any other states from the country, there, however, has been no dearth of fish in Tripura.

The Bengali community is known for its fond of fish and even during this lockdown, they are receiving their daily quota of fresh fish.

Thanks to the local fish farmers of Tripura, who have been working extremely hard to meet the fish supply-demand of the state.

Samsul Uddin (45), a resident of Dharmanagar under Kalacharra block is engaged in fish farming and over the years he has been involved in the farming fishes of several sizes and varieties.

Every day he is supplying around 50 kilograms of fish to the market.

He is being aptly supported by the fishery department and at least 8 people are working under him.

Proper social distancing and hygiene are being maintained while working on the farm.

Abdul Salam, a person working under Samsul, said that at least 8 people are earning their livelihood from this farm.

“We are working maintaining proper social distancing to meet the demand for the fish,” he said.

Panna Ghosh

Panna Ghosh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dharmanagar in Tripura. He can be reached at: pannalivenews@gmail.com