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Hundreds of people took part at BJP’s membership drive in Tripura capital Agartala as the state chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb who is also the BJP state president digitally enrolled new members in the party.

The membership drive was organized on Sunday at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial HS School in Agartala.

Deb accompanied by his wife Niti Deb and several of the BJP supporters as well as those who wanted to join the party as new members.

Most of the new members expressed that influenced by the BJP ideology of nationalism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s lecture during the ‘Maan Ki Baat’ in which he spreads his mission and dream beside the new leadership under Biplab Kumar Deb has played the vital role in joining the BJP.

A large number of the aspirant members were retired personnel from various government departments who expressed that they wanted to join BJP as they have been influenced by party ideology and also have the desire to serve the nation.

Deb and his wife also had their lunch with the party members at the spot.

Till Saturday more than three lakh have take membership of the BJP digitally in Tripura beside a large number taking membership through filling forms as in many parts net connectivity is not there or poor.

Pinaki Das

Pinaki Das is Northeast Now Correspondent in Agartala. He can be reached at:

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