Political temperature in Tripura is heating up with parties going all-out to strengthen their base for Assembly elections in the state, to be held in 2023. 

A major player in the Tripura Assembly elections in 2023 is expected to be the Pradyot Debbarma-led TIPRA. 

Debbarma has made it clear that even if it required for TIPRA to contest alone in the elections, the party would fight in at least 30 seats. 

“TIPRA is capable enough to fight elections alone in at least 30 seats,” TIPRA chairman Pradyot Debbarma said. 

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Pradyot Debbarma has made it clear that TIPRA will not align with any party for the Assembly elections, unless “they (other parties) assure us, in writing, of standing by our ‘Greater Tipraland’ cause”. 

TIPRA emerged as a major political force in Tripura, especially in the tribal belt, after it secured a landslide victory in the TTAADC (Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council) elections. 

The ruling BJP-IPFT coalition government in Tripura seems to have their work cut out, after the emergence of Trinamool Congress (TMC) and TIPRA in the state’s political arena. 

While, the TMC has promised to uproot the BJP from the corridors of power in Tripura, TIPRA on the other hand, seems to have become a headache for the ‘indigenous’ political parties in the state like the IPFT. 

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However, TIPRA has not aligned itself with any political party in Tripura. It has kept its door open for all parties, “who is ready to stand for Greater Tipraland cause”. 

Meanwhile, speculations are running high that the TMC and the TIPRA might enter into an alliance ahead of the Tripura Assembly elections. 

However, Pradyot Debbarma has said that TIPRA will not consider any alliance with any party unless, it gets a written assurance on “Greater Tipraland”. 

“We don’t care about TMC’s Khela Hobe. If they want to fight the elections together with us as allies, first they must give us written assurance on Greater Tipraland,” Debbarma said.