Image: Northeast Now

Sikkim chief minister P S Golay has extended his immense gratitude and appreciation towards five-years-old, Shiddi Sharma of Mamring in South Sikkim for donating her Piggy Bank to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

In a letter in recognition of her noble gesture, the chief minister has conveyed great pride over receiving the contribution made by the five-year-old after breaking her Piggy Bank in order to support the State Government’s effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

While admiring her love and dedication for the people of Sikkim at such a minor age, the chief minister has quoted receiving the contribution from the youngest citizen of the State as a ‘historic moment’ for all.

Shiddi Sharma has donated a sum of Rs 642 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund by breaking her Piggy Bank.

The contribution was formally handed over to the chief minister by Sikkim MP Lok Sabha, Indra Hang Subba at Samman Bhawan.

Sagar Chhetri

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