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Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party spokesperson Bhim Dahal expressed that the political parties should have programmes and policies for the people and should connect with the people’s hearts.

Dahal also stressed that without having any programme and policy and no any connection with the people, just to talking about the alliance would not make any difference.

Responding to media queries during a press conference here on Wednesday, Dahal stated that SDF party has been contesting alone against lots opposition parties in the elections for so long since its inception.

On recent meeting between Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] and BJP state-unit to see possibilities for alliance, he mentioned that HSP was not opened with the blessing of the people of Sikkim but by the blessing of the people from the outside.

He added that the step for the alliance by a party which still does not have the president would not make any difference. He expressed that HSP and the state-unit of the national party were not in any contest with the ruling party.

Dahal stressed upon the need of programme and policies and connection with the people for a political party but to go for alliance without having any connection with the people would not make any difference.

Responding to queries on the HSP allegation on the ruling party on sharing seats with a national party, he responded that there was no any such talk and step for the pre-poll alliance with any national party so far from SDF.

“There is no any need for any pre-poll alliance for the party as SDF has been contesting and winning elections with the support of the people of Sikkim,” he said.

While stating that SDF is the part of NDA, he stated the ruling party has always been working with the Government in the Centre in the interest of Sikkim and its people.

On the same, SDF party spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen mentioned that HSP was hardly six months old party and still looking for its president and to talk about alliance in such situation shows that the party cannot stand alone as trying for an alliance.

“This step also shows that SDF party was still standing strong to form the government once again and the people of Sikkim will vote SDF to form the government,” he said.

On ‘one family one job’ programme of the Government, Dahal stated, “One Family One Job was the exemplary in the entire country and the outcome of the inclusive politics and humanitarian programme of the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.” He added that the Government has taken this decision for the welfare and in the interest of the people of Sikkim.

On the same, Gyaltsen also stated that ‘One Family One Job’ was the historic step in the interest of the people of Sikkim. He asserted that instead to oppose such humanitarian programme of the government opposition parties in Sikkim should able to show their programme and policies in the interest of the people.

He expressed that such exemplary initiatives were the outcome of the inclusive politics of the longest servicing CM of the country.

Responding on HSP allegation on SDF for not working to remove the tag of immigrants from Sikkimese Nepali, Dahal stated if the people started to find the origin of every community then the country would get deserted.

However, he expressed that SDF party has already removed this tag of immigrants and Sikkimese Nepali has been living with self-pride in the country. On the same, he mentioned that Limboo and Tamang who originated Sikkimese Nepali have already been got tribal status and the centre income tax exemption to Sikkimese people proves the originality of Sikkimese Nepali. He added that Indian Sikkimese Nepali have been living with full self-pride in the State.

SDF spokesperson TN Sharma expressed that the SDF Government has been working on its 40 seats formula to provide seats to Limboo and Tamang and to left-out communities of Sikkim.

Sagar Chhetri

Sagar Chhetri is Northeast Now Correspondent in Gangtok. He can be reached at: sagchhetri@gmail.com

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