Cultural performances by different tribes of Nagaland in their traditional attires showcasing their ethnicity marked the second day of the 10-day Hornbill Festival at Kisama Heritage Village near Kohima on Monday.

Adviser to sericulture, excise and minority affairs departments Zhaleo Rio and principal of Woodstock International School Craig Allen Cook were respectively the cultural and special guest of the events.

Adviser to tourism and art and culture department H Khehovi Yepthomi was the host of the show.

Altogether nine cultural troupes participated in the cultural events.

Khonoma village cultural troupe of the Angami tribe performed victory dance ‘Kuokelie Riilou’, Ao cultural troupe performed ‘Asem Atemba’ involving beating of the log drum.

The Chakhesang cultural troupe presented barefoot hop game ‘Phetha Zhe’ while the Chang cultural troupe performed a song and dance called ‘Sualua Chea’.

A Garo cultural troupe got the spectators involved in playing their traditional game called ‘Ading Sala’.

The Khiamniungan cultural troupe performed ‘Poi Poi Mat’, a traditional practice of blowing the bamboo flute.

The womenfolk of the Konyak cultural troupe performed a folk dance while the Lotsu Cultural Club of the Lotha tribe performed a folk song called ‘Iya-Hoi, Holo-Iya’.
The Phom cultural troupe from Longleng district demonstrated the art of making traditional earthen pots.

Pochury cultural troupe from Khumaisii village performed a folk dance ‘Hitse Hitse’, performed during their Nazhu festival. Kachari cultural troupe performed a folk dance called Mwsaglangnai.

Rengma cultural troupe demonstrated the traditional fire making practice called ‘Ma Kele’.

‘Hoeing’ song, a song sung by the farmers while working in the field, was performed by the Sangtam cultural troupe of Sanphure village.

The Sumi cultural troupe performed ‘Apukhu Kishi’ or leg fight which is usually played between two men.

The Yimchungrii cultural troupe from Phuvkiu village of Kiphire district demonstrated log drum, which is carved out of a giant tree trunk.

The Kuki cultural troupe performed a folk dance called ‘Jangchalam’ while the Zeliang cultural troupe gave demonstrations on traditional fire making known as ‘Nlei Nlap’ and ‘Hemu’.

In the evening session of the “cultural connect “, president of Indian Society of Gastroenterology Dr Ajay Kumar was the special guest.

A total of eight cultural troops participated in the evening “cultural connect”.

WW-II peace rally

Adviser to the Nagaland CM Aby Metha on Monday took part in the World War II rally, which is organised every year as part of the Hornbill Festival.

The rally is organised by the Nagaland Adventure & Motor Sports Association (NAMSA) to commemorate the fond memories of the Battle of Kohima.

Taking part in the rally, Metha tweeted, “The World War II Peace Rally is underway at the #HornbillFestival .. it takes you back to a different era while promoting the message of peace and universal brotherhood.”


“The World War II Peace Rally is a special event that sends out the message of peace. Congratulations to the participants and all the winners,” he further tweeted.

“ThankYou for adding to the diversity of the #HornbillFestival. @Neiphiu_Rio @temjentoy @Hkhehoviy,” he added.


In his introductory speech, Metha said, “World War-II rally is being organised every year coinciding with Hornbill Festival at Kisama with.”

“The main objective behind this rally is to spread the message of peace, love and understanding to the rest of the world,” he added.

Bhadra Gogoi

Bhadra Gogoi is Northeast Now Correspondent in Nagaland. He can be reached at: