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The Naga Hoho said the three-month deadline to resolve the decades-old Naga issue was unacceptable for the people as all issues are yet to be resolved amicably.

In a release, Naga Hoho president H.K. Zhimomi and general secretary K. Elu Ndang on Sunday said the “take it or leave it” or “carrot and stick policy” would vitiate the prevailing atmosphere in the quest for an honourable solution.

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Nagaland governor and Centre’s interlocutor for Naga peace talks R.N. Ravi at a public in Kohima in August said Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants Naga issues resolved in three months.

The Hoho said the any accord that does not honour the legitimate rights, including a separate flag and a constitution, is neither honourable nor acceptable to the Nagas, who have shed their precious blood for a long-lasting solution.

It reminded the Centre not to divide the Nagas or come out with piecemeal solution in “tacit understanding” with the groups who have vested and parochial interests as this would result in further bloodshed among the Nagas.

It appealed to all Naga negotiating groups to look for common ground to find an inclusive and amicable solution.

The Hoho said after airing of all views for Naga political solution to the government of India, the latter must keep to its commitments as the people have waited 22 long years for a just and honourable settlement.

It said every Naga soul is awaiting a post settlement era of peace and development and the people cannot succumb the inducements of economic packages and divide and rule policy of the government of India.

The Hoho reiterated the call for unity amongst the Naga people and said every individual and village had sacrificed a lot in the course of 70 years for Naga political struggle, irrespective of the artificial borders.

It said since the beginning of the movement, the people were in unison for right to self-determination and restoration of what rightly belong to the Naga people.

Despite the historic agreements/accords between the Naga people and the government of India, the Nagas were never part of India either by conquest or consent.

It was with strong conviction and determination, the pioneers of Naga people had laid the strong foundation for the present generation to stand with vigour and perseverance, the Hoho said.

It quoted from former MP and revolutionary leader R Suisa: “The Nagas are politically obtuse; they do not understand the right thing at the right time.”

“They are not united at the right time for the right cause. If such situation prevails in Naga Land, the Nagas will fight among themselves to finish themselves.”

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