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Dragon fruit farmer Lucy Ngullie Thomas

Visibly impressed with the hard work and commitment of educated agricultural entrepreneur Lucy Ngullie Thomas, Nagaland governor P.B. Acharya on Friday mooted Governor’s Award of Rs 1 lakh to hardworking and committed agricultural entrepreneurs.

He said he would meet with the officials of the horticulture department and discuss the issue so that entrepreneurs in the likes of Lucy are encouraged and acknowledged.

Acharya, who himself is a keen advocate of organic fruits and vegetables, was  very much impressed when he met and interacted with the Dream Dragon Fruit Farm owner, Lucy in police guest house, Chumukedima, here on Wednesday.

He lauded the bold educated farmer for taking up farming with dedication and for being the only dragon fruit cultivator on commercial basis from the entire Northeast region.

After learning about the health benefits of the fruit, the governor encouraged all the marginal farmers to plant at least three dragon fruit vines.

Sharing her experiences as a farmer, proprietor of Dream Dragon Fruit Farm, Lucy, an Arts graduate, told the Governor that she was very keen and passionate about farming which made her take up dragon fruit cultivation since 2013.

Explaining the numerous medicinal values of dragon fruits besides high returns, Lucy felt that more farmers should take up dragon fruit cultivation. She said Dimapur has the best soil and climate place for cultivating the fruit.

She informed that India produces just one percent of the fruit, owing to which it becomes expensive when it reaches the market.

Blessed with fertile land and perfect climate, Lucy felt that Naga farmers need to cultivate the fruit as it has very high medicinal values as well as high market demand.

She handed over a box of her fruits to the Governor, who was delighted to taste the first organic dragon fruit produce of Nagaland.

Bhadra Gogoi

Bhadra Gogoi is Northeast Now Correspondent in Nagaland. He can be reached at:

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