File image of Bru refugees in relief camps of Tripura

NGO Co-ordination Committee, a conglomerate of major civil societies and student bodies of Mizoram appealed genuine Bru families who are lodged in six relief camps in North Tripura district, to return to Mizoram.

A statement issued by the committee urged upon the State Government to take measures to ensure that only Bru families, who were identified as genuine residents of Mizoram, are repatriated back to the state according to the road map.

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The committee also said that the proposed Bru repatriation will be the last exercise according to the agreement signed between Mizoram government and civil society group.

An agreement was signed in April this year after the State Government promised that the proposed Bru repatriation will be the last exercise, which forced the civil society group to withdraw its boycott call of the Lok Sabha polls.

Meanwhile, NGO Co-ordination Committee also blamed the State Government for enrolling Myanmar refugees in the state’s electoral roll.

The committee said that at least 489 refugees, who illegally entered Mizoram from Myanmar were included in the State’s electoral roll.

It asked the State Government to take measures to ensure that names of the refugees are deleted from the electoral roll at the earliest.

More than 1,700 refugees from Paletwa and neighbouring villages in Myanmar’s Arakan, had entered Mizoram in November 2017, fleeing from an armed conflict.

They took refuge in makeshift camps in four villages, Zochachhuah, Laitlang, Dumzautlang and Hmawngbuchhuah in south Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district, but, were pushed back to Myanmar in July this year.

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