Between 3.30 and 5 pm, from Monday to Saturday, life in the entire state of Meghalaya is focused on one target the Shillong Teer result.

Though it may sound surprising, but it is true that even in the 21st century, when the world is shifting towards a digital era, people of Meghalaya are still focused on the traditional game — the Shillong Teer.

And, lives of several lakh families of the state are directly or indirectly connected with the Shillong Teer result every day.

Bread earners of some families sell Shillong Teer tickets, while others make it a point to bet on their chosen numbers with the hope to win the “jackpot” of the day.

It is definite that winning “jackpot” is rare. But, examples of families turning paupers or penny-less because of Shillong Teer results, and that too, every day, are many.

Shillong Teer is a highly popular traditional game of betting in Meghalaya, and thousands of people partake in the game every day.

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“There are some people who would buy tickets from five different counters every day, spend till the last penny with the hope to win a jackpot,” Suraj Chetri, a Shillong Teer counter owner, said.

According to Chetri, these set of people, who hop from counter to counter every day, cannot buy rice for the family, and land up in trouble.

While luck does not favour the professional Shillong Teer enthusiasts every day, they resort to new approach.

And, dreams have always been the source of inspiration for many, while choosing the “lucky number for the day” of Shillong Teer.

The diehard Shillong Teer enthusiasts undertake some unfamiliar science of numerological, and do back-calculations to select their numbers.

But, what is the basis of the calculations to win jackpots in Shillong Teer? Basically, there is nothing that you can calculate to predict Shillong Teer result.

Interestingly, there is no set formula to predict the “magic number” for the Shillong Teer result.

And, there cannot be a “magic number” of the day for day for Shillong Teer.

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Everyday hundreds of tribal archers, with a quiver full of arrows, take part in the game of hitting a target two times a day.

And based on the number of arrows hitting the targets, the Shillong Teer results are declared. Two rounds of Shillong Teer are played every day.

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