The proscribed Hynñiewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) has released a new flag, a combination of red and deep blue colour along with 43 stars.

“From this day henceforth, this shall be the official flag of the HNLC, and the flag of the Jaitbynriew Hynñiewtrep. The red colour stands for valor and courage and it signifies the supreme sacrifices made by our forefathers in the creation of the Hynñiewtrep Land,” the HNLC said in a statement.

“The colour blue stands for freedom, justice and peace,” said the statement issued by Saiñkupar Nongtraw, the general secretary-cum-publicity secretary of HNLC.

According to Nongtraw, the 15 stars on the left side and 15 on the right side signify the 30 Syiems (chiefs) and their Himas (kingdoms).

“The 12 rounded stars signify the 12 Dolois or as it is said the land of the 30 Syiems and 12 Dolois. The seven-sided golden star signifies the Hynñiewtrep Hynñiewskum. The golden colour of the star stands for the rich natural resources of our land including its nature and a rich cultural heritage. The white stars also stand for simplicity, and humble nature of our people,” Nongtraw elaborated.

Nongtraw said that the unfurling of the new flag will take place at all designated camps of the outfit on the occasion of 33rd Raising Day on August 14.

The HNLC leader stated, “we have difficult days ahead amid this pandemic and in the struggle for justice and peace. We had always encouraged unity among ourselves U Khynriam, U Pnar, U Bhoi, U War, U Lyngngam. It is only unity that can help us achieve our common goals.”

The HNLC also reaffirmed its commitment to continue their battle of struggle.

“We are sure that nothing and no one will succeed in derailing the political objectives of our organization which has risen in arms for the conquest of peace with social justice,” Nongtraw asserted.

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