Heimonmi Synnah was born about 20 years ago with no upper limbs.

No one in the family had ever expected that Heimonmi would be able to go to school, or will be able to write.

But, dedication and hard work of the physically challenged has helped him to achieve something, which was totally impossible.

Heimonmi, a student from Sawyongdoh Higher Secondary Schhol at Mowkaiaw in West Jaintia Hills district, is now appearing his SSLC examination.

Everyone at the examination centre was shocked when they saw the student holding the pen with his right leg, and confidently writing.

Heimonmi was seen holding the question paper and answer script with his left legs, and flawlessly writing with his right toe.

“This is the happiest moment of my life. We never expected him to do so much,” Aimaiya Synnah, a proud mother of Heimonmi, said.

Heimonmi’s father Bnein Lamare is a farmer, and the family hails from Laskein village in West Jaintia Hills district.

“We are happy to see Heimonmi appearing the SSLC examination so confidently,” Tammy Roy Laloo, Controller of Examination of the Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education, said.

Heimonmi’s parents are now committed that they would try their best to fund higher education of the child, and ensure that he is well settled in his life.

“We pray to God that he (Heimonmi) would one day become a big man, and make us all proud,” Aimaiya Synnah, said.  

She said, Heimonmi always dream to be a doctor. “I wish his dream would come true,” she said.

Heimonmi’s friends in the school are also optimistic that he would pass the SSLC examination with flying colours.

“He (Heimonmi) is a serious student, and we are confident that he is going to pass the SSLC examination with a distinction,” Mihsalan, a student of the school, said.

Heimonmi’s parents are optimistic that if the boy can pass the SSLC examination, the Meghalaya government would also come forward and help him to be a doctor.

Anirban Roy

Anirban Roy is Editor-in-Chief of Northeast Now. He can be reached at: editor@nenow.in