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The Karbi Students Association (KSA) faction led by its president Simeon Rongphar has issued a 45-day ultimatum starting from April 20 to Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC), Chief Executive Member (CEM), Tuliram Ronghang on holding Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) under KAAC.

Demanding fulfilling of their demands, the KSA activists including its president Simeon Rongphar staged a sit-in demonstration at near Semson Sing Ingti Memorial Park.

Later the students’ body marched toward KAAC Secretariat and submitted an ‘ultimatum’ memorandum to KAAC, CEM Ronghang which was received by Executive Member, Medical, Khonsing Rongpi.

EM Rongpi assured the KSA to look into the matter and let the CEM know about it.

The ultimatum has demanded holding of Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) examination under KAAC and completion of 11890 numbers of incomplete Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) houses.

It is also worth mentioning that the KAAC authority in its Resolution number 30 of its Executive Committee meeting which was held on February 6 last early this year had decided to conduct TET in Karbi Anglong for Elementary and Secondary level by March 31, 2018, but the decision is yet to be implemented.

KSA said IAY scheme in Karbi Anglong involved misuse of Rs 100 Crores, according to the memorandum.

Nongee Terang

Nongee Terang is Northeast Now Correspondent in Diphu. He can be reached at: nongee.terang@gmail.com

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