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Come summer and it is time to drink buttermilk as much as one can to beat the heat.

Buttermilk is known to be one of the healthiest drinks.

It is one of the most famous drinks consumed by Indians and is extremely beneficial.

However, apart from the known benefits, there are many such super powers of buttermilk still unknown to many.

It is also popular as an Ayurvedic health drink.

It is a blend of milk and butter which is enriched with essential nutrients and is a solution to many health related problems.

At many warm places, buttermilk is a welcome drink to provide coolness in the extreme heat.

Buttermilk is extremely beneficial in improving the digestion of the body.

It helps to solve the problem of indigestion as it is rich in probiotics which promote the growth of gut flora in the body.

It thus helps to boost the body immunity as well.

Consumption of buttermilk after meal helps in providing instant relief from acidity.

It also provides relief from stomach irritation.

Drinking a glass of buttermilk also helps to neutralize the effect of spices and cools down the stomach.

As it is a milk based product, it even provides an adequate amount of protein to the body.

Drinking buttermilk helps to cleanse the stomach from the layers of fats that accumulate.

It also reduces the risk of cancer and high cholesterol.

It also prevents the heart from many heart-related diseases and regulates the flow of blood in the body.

It even reduces the risk of cancer as it is anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic in nature.

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