Geo-tube erosion by Subansiri river. Image: Northeast Now

A major portion of the laid geo-tubes at the Bhimpora embankment in Lakhimpur was eroded by the flooded Sunbansiri river on Tuesday.

A stretch of 1400 meters on Bhimpora embankment of Subansiri under Kadam Revenue Circle in Hekerajan, Lakhimpur was damaged due to rising water.

The NABARD-sponsored work was carried out by the state Water Resources Department.Ssu

The department had spent an estimated amount of Rs 7 crores to lay the geo-bags and geo-carpeting of the embankment on the right-hand side of Subansiri.

The work that was supposed to begin in 2018, started towards February earlier this year; the work was then halted due to the swelling of the river.

“The rising Subansiri water washed away several geo-bags and geo-carpets at different portions of the embankment in Hekerajan,” a local said.

“The district water resource department, in a bid to protect the ongoing erosion, has laid some tree trunks,” the local added.

On the other hand, erosion by Dirgha in nearby Bogeenadi has threatened a green cover area.

Erosion by the river has already taken away over 30 valuable trees.

A portion of the Lalpani High School playground has also been eroded so far. by the same river near Bogeenadi.

Farhana Ahmed

Farhana Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in North Lakhimpur. She can be reached at:

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