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While the Assam forest department is focusing on urban and roadside plantation, the challenge before the department is to increase the percentage of dense forest.

Assam principal chief conservator of forest (PCCF) AM Singh said this on Wednesday at the Green action Week- India, a state level stakeholder consultation at Guwahati.

“Assam Forest department is now concentrating on urban and roadside plantation. If Delhi can increases its green coverage, then why Assam can’t. The total forest coverage of Assam is now 35 percent which is above the national average,” Singh said.

He said the total percentage of dense forest coverage of Assam is just 9 percent.

“Now it is a big challenge for all of us to increase the percentage of dense forest. The percentage of open forest area of our state is 10 to 14. It should be our mission to change this open forest area to dense forest. We need forest and development simultaneously,” Singh said.

Singh said that if the percentage of deforestation is increased day by day then one day river like Brahmaputra and Barak might go dry.

“By massive plantation we can successfully increase the water level of some river of our state,” he said.

Green Action Week is a global campaign to promote sustainable development.

A total of 50 organizations in 30 countries are part of this joint action.

Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum, Assam (CLPF) is observing Green Action Week Campaign 2019, in partnership with CUTS International, Jaipur and Swedish society for nature conservation.

The theme of this year campaign is “Sustainable Development: Sharing Community”.

The stakeholders’ consultation also appealed the young generation to start the sharing habits and nature conservation from their home and from their reading table.

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