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A house in Guwahati is turning out to be neighbours’ envy, owners’ pride.

This dream house belongs to Korobi Das.

As people say, a home reflects the character and personality of its dweller.

Making this statement true, the house reflects the fairytale lifestyle of Korobi Das.

It reflects a derivative style, her collectors’ zeal to buy, and her fastidiousness as a homemaker.

The house is like a charming vintage illustration come to life – an old-world English romantic illustration.

It appears like the setting of a Barbara Cartland novel, waiting for a historical romance to come to life in its midst, according to Beautiful Homes.

All through the two-storey house, there are insignias of a by-gone anglophone era, and the tactile embellishments of such a world—lace, frills, embroidery—all exist in abundance.

Korobi, mother to two adult boys was quoted as saying that she likes vintage European style.

“My home is like a fairytale, where everything is dreamy, and beautiful,” she was quoted as saying.

Korobi has been in this home for 30 years now, since the time she moved to Guwahati from Shillong.

To maintain such a specific style for so long, adding only pieces that maintain the original design is a feat of exactitude.

However, in Korobi’s home, every single room, from living till bath and kitchen, follows a singular sensibility.

A victorian mirror is placed in the corner of a bedroom with white furniture and a wooden cabinet

One may assume that she visits England regularly and updates her collectibles.

Actually, Korobi has never left the country.

She suffers from acute claustrophobia and so she hates flying.

Bangalore is the farthest place she has ever been from Guwahati.

So Korobi’s house is a fantasy that she’s made real.

A totally romantic dream she’s constructed into reality.

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